Centre d'activités nature Kanatha-Aki | Tourisme d'aventure Tourisme Abitibi-Témiscamingue
Adventure Tourism

Centre d'activités nature Kanatha-Aki

Walks, hikes, and excursions plus expeditions with sled dogs in winter and on horseback in summer. Survival classes and courses in the forest to learn how to live in the wild. Fishing (fly fishing, angling, fishing by hand, and ice fishing). Authentic days with the trapper-woodsman to better understand how people lived in the past. Encounters with the wood bison (Athabascae) to observe these fascinating animals. Visits to the traditional Indigenous site to discover Indigenous culture and philosophy. New: Indigenous massages and traditions. And to extend your enjoyment, we offer a night in a traditional teepee on a bed of pine leaves and bison skins, in a shelter at the top of the mountain.

Sector: Laurentides
City: Val-des-Lacs