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Musée de la gare

The Témiscaming station was built in 1927 by the Canadian Pacific. A considerable amount for the time was spent on its construction. In fact, approximately $ 30,000 was invested. It is therefore an ambitious project, both in terms of the size of the building and the construction techniques and materials chosen: a brick masonry structure, concrete floors and exterior cladding in brick and stone. The Georgian style of the station's architecture makes it unique in Canada. The railway was for a long time the main means of communication with the outside world. Passengers as well as products and goods ordered by traders arrive at the station. In 1970, the Canadian Pacific ceased its transport activities in Témiscamingue. The Témiscaming station is the only one not to have been destroyed. On June 28, 1979, the Quebec Cultural Property Commission recognized the station as a historic monument. Despite this, the latter remained abandoned for many years, suffering the ravages of time and vandalism. It was in 1993 that the town of Témiscaming bought the building and began renovating it. However, in 1994, an arson attack destroyed the entire roof frame and the structures on the first floor. It was the mobilization of the Committee of Friends of the Station and the intervention of Tembec that saved the building from demolition. Carried out in 1995, the station rescue project allows for the reconstruction of the first floor and the restoration of the spaces on the ground floor. The Témiscaming Station Museum officially opened its doors in June 1996. The mission of the museum is then to disseminate, preserve and revive the tangible and intangible heritage of the territory of Témiscaming in order to make its depth and richness known, to promote its appropriation by the local population and to ensure the transmission of knowledge. to future generations by relying on the principles of participatory museology and by using cultural leisure activities as mediation tools. Epicenter of culture in Témiscaming, the Musée de la Gare seeks to bring its community to life and contribute to its identity.

Sector: Abitibi-Témiscamingue
City: Témiscaming